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Okko Black Beast


The Black Beast is a really big sounding fuzz/distortion pedal for guitar or bass. As you can guess from its name, this is not a smooth vintage germanium fuzz but a modern distortion machine for all kinds of dirty or heavy sounds. The magic of the pedal is in the knob called KAPUTT (german for… Read more »

€ 199.-

Fender Deluxe Reverb 1978 115 volt


an American Classic, legend. all original Fender deluxe reverb, hand wired, point to point. all you can ask for, that you do not find at all in chinese modern production amps. plus the“magic“ of old fender amps. this one here, is from the late 79ties and on of the last one they made. with the… Read more »

€ 1999

Okko 42 Boost


42 is not only the „Answer to the Ultimate Question of Life, The Universe, and Everything“ but also the number of the decibels this little box can crank out… and that’s a MASSIVE boost. (In fact, 42 db means the signal is amplified 126 times, that’s probably the strongest boost on the market). Although you… Read more »

€ 169.-

Vaccaro Alu Neck Long Scale Bass


Vaccaro is the seconde CEO of kramer and put out a run of some 1000 guitar and basses under his name VAccaro at the end of the 90´s. ich put this cool thundering Neck on a p bass body form mighty might, korean made. and put somd fender vintage PU in it. much ceahper than… Read more »

€ 999.-

Okko V.I.B.


  If you read this, you have most likely spent quite some time reading and learning about the pros and cons of different types of bypass. You heard about impedance and capacity and how it affects the tone. But did you have a chance to compare different combinations of these parameters and find out what… Read more »

€ 149.-

Orville Thunderbird „Fenderbird“


Original Orville Thunderbird early 1990´s Gibson Parts made in japan by Orville Transformed after the Neck was broken, into a Fenderbird from scratch. Stock Japanesse jazzbass Neck, on a Oriville body. sound fantastic, mids, comfortable neck. nice colour. see the hole story on our FB side.    

€ 999.-

Tombstone Cabs Recycle Your cabinet.


Tombstone is a  brand of our own. We take old cabs. and customize  them. As much as you want it. In this case, we take 2 old cabs we´ve found on ebay, and did new buffle boards, new grills  and filled them with 2 x15″ JBL K130 and 4×12″ greenbacks G12H30 as you can see…. Read more »

€ ask

Fender Telecaster 1960/71 Ref.

Body 1969/Neck 1971 with Humbucker (like RolingStone Worldtour 1969) this original fender telecaster is a one of a kind. Years and years it was oversprayed with this unknown paint, and a cheapo Humbucker. We Striped the hole Guitar, put new Nitro piant on it, in Black and create a one of a kind guitar, with… Read more »

€ Ask for Price

Rückkopplung Telecaster Custom Necks


Japnese Guitar neckes with 7.25inch radius. hand adges and nitro painted by our luthier malte boewe. Bone saddle you can buy these telece replacment necks for 269.- to pimp your cheapo tele. with Rückkopplung lable on the front. Custom Decal with your name on it, for 23.-Extra!      

€ 269.-€

Stonedeaf PDF-2



  • Features and Benefits
    • Parametric EQ with adjustable distortion gain (Players can dial in full tonal spectrum of their amplifier tone.)
    • Frequency response from 35Hz-6kHz (Players can dial in full tonal spectrum… Read more »

      € 179€

Red Sun FX White Fuzz


White Fuzz – basiert auf dem 70er Fuzz Face mit BC108 Silizium Transistoren – in Zusammenarbeit mit vielen Gitarristen entwickelt – der oft zu beißende Fuzz-Sound des FF klingt beim WF bei Bedarf wesentlich runder – beste Kontrolle über den Sound dank Tone-Control (Cap-Blend) – Gain kann perfekt mit dem Volume-Poti der Gitarre geregelt werden… Read more »

€ 209.-

Stone Deaf Kliptonie Dual OD/FUZZ Filter


The Kliptonite is one of the most exciting fuzz and overdrive combinations that you are likely to experience. It combines a paracentric EQ, Mix knob (between fuzz and overdrive, expression control and dual channel foot-switchable operation. Its most unique feature is to mix the overdrive and the fuzz circuits in parallel such as 75% –… Read more »

€ 199€

Red Sun FX Booster


Moon Boost – MOSFET Boost – extrem transparenter Boost für Bass und Gitarre – bestens für Tubeamps (Oso von Ironkid nimmt ihn für seinen Ampeg) – maximal 35dB Output Einfachste Bedienung – nur ein Knopf für die Verstärkung. – Platine aus °redsunfx-Eigenentwicklung Für alle Effekte gilt: – hergestellt in München – handverdrahtet, keine Subminiaturbauteile –… Read more »

€ 119.-