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boutique and standart pedals and pick ups form our store. Green Russian Hail Satan ! Big Muff The Abominable „Hail Satan“ muff GREEN RUSSIAN is a big muff clone built similar to the specs of the Green Russian Bubble Font big muff pedals but with our own twists. In addition to the normal Volume, Tone, and Sustain controls, we’ve added an additional control for the Mids. This allows you to add… Read more »

€ 149.-

Klon ktr centaur Neu Originalverpackt


Weltbekannter low gain verzerrer. Für den!!!!! Besten crunchsound der welt. Booster und distortion um alten kleinen combos die richtige rauchigkeit zu verleihen. Hört euch alle mainstream alben der 90 ziger an. Der klon ist aufjedenfall dabei.

€ 399

KAISSER Instruments V2F


V2F is an acronym for the German “Verzerrer mit 2 Filtern”, meaning “distortion unit with 2 filters”. And that describes just what it is. Actually it’s more of an overdrive unit, but a conversation about that subject would get out of hand quickly. The V2F has been designed to cover the many nuances that reside… Read more »

€ 239

Reamer By Kaisserinstruments (Handemade Pedals From Hamburg)


Reamer is our take on the classic overdrive pedal. But this one has two faces. On one hand it can be used as a normal overdrive pedal with not too much gain dialed in but with higher volume settings to saturate your tube preamp section. On the other hand it also sounds amazing as a… Read more »

€ 149