Green Russian Hail Satan ! Big Muff

The Abominable „Hail Satan“ muff GREEN RUSSIAN is a big muff clone built similar to the specs of the Green Russian Bubble Font big muff pedals but with our own twists.

In addition to the normal Volume, Tone, and Sustain controls, we’ve added an additional control for the Mids. This allows you to add a much fuller sound to the tone of the pedal.

Also, we’ve added a second footswitch that when engaged will switch from the stock 1n914 diodes to a louder and crunchier sounding 3mm Red LED diodes in the distortion clipping. Not only does this put the effect into full on „hail satan mode“ audibly, but the eyes of the goat head will also light up red with the actual LEDs that are in the circuit. As the intensity of your playing increases the eyes will light up to match.

The pedal is built using mostly carbon resistors and ceramic capacitors to give it as raw of a feeling as possible. The effect is true bypass and hand wired for a superb sound.

The enclosure itself is painted and hand-destroyed / relic’d before it has a 3-color screen printed graphic and a thin clear coat applied on top. Each pedal looks slightly different than the next due to this completely hands on process making each one it’s own work of art. Please don’t expect the final product to be immaculately painted / finished; we take pride in destroying the enclosures to give them their own special look.



€ 149.-