Fender Telecaster 1960/71 Ref.

Body 1969/Neck 1971 with Humbucker (like RolingStone Worldtour 1969) this original fender telecaster is a one of a kind.

Years and years it was oversprayed with this unknown paint, and a cheapo Humbucker.

We Striped the hole Guitar, put new Nitro piant on it, in Black and create a one of a kind guitar, with a very nice Telesound.

The Humbucker is a Zebra David Barfuss PAF Replica. It got a splitt switch between the volume and the tone pot.

for more detail and all pictures visit our FB side.https://www.facebook.com/290599322867/photos/?tab=album&album_id=10153911457612868


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