Velvet Audio German Vintage Plug ´n Play Solid State Preamps Siemens V274/Telefunken V673/Lawo V970

Velvet Audio is a Hamburg Based Company.

That has been on Ebay for many Years,

selling completly overhauled High-end Studio Euqipment.

Now it was Time to create something for the semi Pros, a „Take a Way“ Preamp, if you might call it.

Something that Bands can take with them on Tour without using a big Rack.

Something that just sound a bit better, then just go straight in the Desk.

You can try it with a Shure sm 58 or a Big Membrane Studio Mic,

it´s allways the same, just a bit better. You´ll Love the Little Tool.

The Secret is the Transformator inside these Solid State Preamps.

€ 299.-