Vintage Amplifiers

Marshall JMP Super Lead+ Emperor Case


19/11/1979 non master volumen, tour ready. Bj 1979 jmp super lead 100 watt. Mercury netztrafo, neue impedanz schalter. Komplett fertig gemacht für touring, incl, emperor flight case.von emporer cabs aus chicago.  

€ 1599.-

Fender BANDMASTER REVERB 1969 drip edge 40 Watt


from   Model/Circuit Number: AA768, AA568, AA1069, or TFL5005 Years of Production: 1968 – 1980 Era: Silverface Configuration: Piggyback Controls: Silver forward facing w/ blue labels Knobs: Fender Black Skirted 1-10 Faceplate

  • Front: Normal: In, In, Bright Sw, Vol, Treb, Bass – Vibrato: In, In, Bright Sw, Vol, Treb, Mid, Bass, Speed, Intensity,… Read more »

    € 1399

Fender Deluxe Reverb 1978 115 volt


an American Classic, legend. all original Fender deluxe reverb, hand wired, point to point. all you can ask for, that you do not find at all in chinese modern production amps. plus the“magic“ of old fender amps. this one here, is from the late 79ties and on of the last one they made. with the… Read more »

€ 1999

Fender Showman (1968 drip edge)


the best sounding Fender amp for instrumental music they ever done! powerfull head with 100watt on 8 ohm! incl the famous fender opto vibrato.  

€ 1399.-