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Klon ktr centaur Neu Originalverpackt


Weltbekannter low gain verzerrer. Für den!!!!! Besten crunchsound der welt. Booster und distortion um alten kleinen combos die richtige rauchigkeit zu verleihen. Hört euch alle mainstream alben der 90 ziger an. Der klon ist aufjedenfall dabei.

€ 399

Fender Deluxe Reverb 1978 115 volt


an American Classic, legend. all original Fender deluxe reverb, hand wired, point to point. all you can ask for, that you do not find at all in chinese modern production amps. plus the“magic“ of old fender amps. this one here, is from the late 79ties and on of the last one they made. with the… Read more »

€ 1999

Vaccaro Alu Neck Long Scale Bass


Vaccaro is the seconde CEO of kramer and put out a run of some 1000 guitar and basses under his name VAccaro at the end of the 90´s. ich put this cool thundering Neck on a p bass body form mighty might, korean made. and put somd fender vintage PU in it. much ceahper than… Read more »

€ 999.-

Orville Thunderbird „Fenderbird“


Original Orville Thunderbird early 1990´s Gibson Parts made in japan by Orville Transformed after the Neck was broken, into a Fenderbird from scratch. Stock Japanesse jazzbass Neck, on a Oriville body. sound fantastic, mids, comfortable neck. nice colour. see the hole story on our FB side.    

€ 999.-

Fender Telecaster 1960/71 Ref.

Body 1969/Neck 1971 with Humbucker (like RolingStone Worldtour 1969) this original fender telecaster is a one of a kind. Years and years it was oversprayed with this unknown paint, and a cheapo Humbucker. We Striped the hole Guitar, put new Nitro piant on it, in Black and create a one of a kind guitar, with… Read more »

€ Ask for Price

Fender Showman (1968 drip edge)


the best sounding Fender amp for instrumental music they ever done! powerfull head with 100watt on 8 ohm! incl the famous fender opto vibrato.  

€ 1399.-