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Fender Pro Reverb

we got several Fender Pro Reverb Silverface, form the 70´s. Same FX section as the Twin Reverb. Classic Fender opto Tremolo, plus Tube Spring Reverb. 2 x12″ Speaker. 80watt. enough Power for most of the Clubs.      

€ 1399

Ampeg G212

Ampeg Solid State Combo 2×12″ with FX Tremolo + Reverb.

€ 399

Stone Deaf Fig Fumb


The Fig Fumb is based on a classic Big Muff circuit but with super amount of stability due to the fact it has an inbuilt foot-switchable noise gate and with the added value of an expression input you can get fuzz wah, fuzz phaser, and tone control with your foot. It also contains a fully… Read more »

€ 209.-

Stone Deaf Trashy Blonde


The Trashy Blonde is the quintessential classic rock in a box guitar pedal. Based on that Marshal® tone of the JTM45 all the way through to the JCM800 it is extremely versatile. Manufactured in the United Kingdom using the best components, the design itself allows you to mix clean and distorted signal for a more vintage… Read more »

€ 199.-

Stone Deaf Expression EP-1


  Product Description The EP-1 expression pedal is like a chameleon with an ability to take a standard Stone Deaf parametric or paracentric pedal and turn it into a Manual Phaser, Wah Wah or Foot Controlled Tone control. The EP-1 expression pedal is unlike any other expression pedal on the market… Read more »

€ 129.-

Ampeg SVT/V9 Power Transformator For US&EU 115/230Volt


Dual voltage for 110v USA or 230v EURO operation. Drop in replacement power transformer for vintage Ampeg SVT and V9 heads, 1968-1980. Replaces old Ampeg part #8930072. 120v u.s. version. Made in USA to original specs by our friends at Heyboer. CE component certifie

€ 299.-€

Hammond Leslie Motor


Experienced dual speed motor stack for Leslie 122/142/145/147/251. Motors are refurbished with new grommets, springs, washers, shims and O ring, cleaned and lubricated. Metal parts are cleaned or replaced with nice looking servicable units. Includes new power cords, wing nuts and wire nuts. Picture is an example of units in stock. 115 VAC only –… Read more »

€ 249.-€