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Ampeg SVT/V9 Power Transformator For US&EU 115/230Volt


Dual voltage for 110v USA or 230v EURO operation. Drop in replacement power transformer for vintage Ampeg SVT and V9 heads, 1968-1980. Replaces old Ampeg part #8930072. 120v u.s. version. Made in USA to original specs by our friends at Heyboer. CE component certifie

€ 299.-€

Hammond Leslie Motor


Experienced dual speed motor stack for Leslie 122/142/145/147/251. Motors are refurbished with new grommets, springs, washers, shims and O ring, cleaned and lubricated. Metal parts are cleaned or replaced with nice looking servicable units. Includes new power cords, wing nuts and wire nuts. Picture is an example of units in stock. 115 VAC only –… Read more »

€ 249.-€

Flightcase für Mixer

Extrem Flaches case und 19″ mixer einzubauen. sehr praktisch für keyboard pre-mix oder E-Drum mixer.    

€ 69

Fender Jaguar

Fender Jaguar

hot! Nice Player guitar, a real workhorse. all parts are stamped SEP.1965 Neck,pots,ect. assembled in 1966.incl fender serial number. very nice players guitar. the best you can buy for your hard working money.

€ please call

Höfner Jazzgitarren Umbau, incl. Pick up.


An dieser Wunderschönen Gitarren wurden folgende veränderungen vorgenommen. Halsstab eingesetzt Hals verschmälert, neues shaping Grifbrett erneuert (Ebenholz) mit binding und M.o.P (Mother of Pearl) Block Inlays. Headstock Overlay in Ebenholz, mit Led Zepplin Best of „Kornkreis“ in white M.o.P Inlay. Ken Armstrong Pick up am Hals. Pickguard angefertigt mit Elektronik.     new thrust rod… Read more »

€ 799

Glockenklang Quadro 4×10


es gibt insgesammt 2 4×10 boxen bei uns zu kaufen. wir machen euch natürlich einen guten preis wenn ihr das fullstack nehmt. single Quattro 4×10″ cab Accurate – Detailed – Powerfull The Quattro 4×10″ cab was developed of the Take Five cab. It has identical speakers, crossover and internal volume as the Take… Read more »

€ 899.- 30.-/st. im Verleih/Backline Rental

Marathon Explorer in Black

marathon bass

totally 80ties bass, but with a very good sound and unique playing. the body is all mahogany and you can hear it. the pick up is very closed to the bridge and got a punchy but clear sound.

€ 239

KAISSER Instruments V2F


V2F is an acronym for the German “Verzerrer mit 2 Filtern”, meaning “distortion unit with 2 filters”. And that describes just what it is. Actually it’s more of an overdrive unit, but a conversation about that subject would get out of hand quickly. The V2F has been designed to cover the many nuances that reside… Read more »

€ 239