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OKKO Coca Comp


The OKKO CocaComp is a studio quality compressor and clean boost pedal. It doesn’t color your tone, it enhances it. Use it for your clean sound to make it big, tight and punchy without squashing your attack… put it before your dirty amp or overdrive pedals for dynamic singing lead tones without much distortion… plug… Read more »

€ 169.-

Okko Twin Sonic


The TwinSonic combines a clean boost (MORE!) and low-to-medium-gain overdrive (ROCK!) The overdrive gives you the sound of your (non-master) amp cranked… at any volume. Therefore it is very neutral sounding by itself – it doesn’t change the sonic or dynamic character of your setup. Besides the Gain and Level controls, the TwinSonics overdrive section… Read more »

€ 249.-

Reamer By Kaisserinstruments (Handemade Pedals From Hamburg)


Reamer is our take on the classic overdrive pedal. But this one has two faces. On one hand it can be used as a normal overdrive pedal with not too much gain dialed in but with higher volume settings to saturate your tube preamp section. On the other hand it also sounds amazing as a… Read more »

€ 149

Seymour Duncan SSH-8B


application Ultra high output humbucker built for aggressive playing styles. Recommended for punk, garage, thrash, metal and other heavy rock styles. description Designed for the heaviest tones a passive pickup can produce. The combination of three ceramic magnets, over-wound coils and twelve black oxide cap screws make the Invader an electrifying force of energy. The… Read more »

€ 65