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Kliptonite Velcro Fuzz Guitar Pedal
Warp Drive High Gain guitar pedal with Noise Gate
PDF-2 Distortion Pedal with clean channel. Updated version of the PDF-1
Guitar pedals & Guitar Amplifiers from one of the best.

Your search is over…well we hope so.

Stone Deaf is one of only a handful of guitar amplifier and guitar pedal manufacturers based in the UK that manufacture’s and design’s their own products in house.

Everything we do is for the guitar player, everything we make is manufactured with care and our main driver to producing such equipment is to make our customer’s get that fuzzy feeling that we all get when we try that piece of gear we have been searching for.

Its that tone, that sonic wash that flows through our fingers and into our brains that makes us pull our guitar face or make’s us quietly mutter to ourselves in our mind „ooomph I’ve found it“ where do I pay.

Stonedeaf PDF-2



  • Features and Benefits
    • Parametric EQ with adjustable distortion gain (Players can dial in full tonal spectrum of their amplifier tone.)
    • Frequency response from 35Hz-6kHz (Players can dial in full tonal spectrum… Read more »

      € 179€

Stone Deaf Kliptonie Dual OD/FUZZ Filter


The Kliptonite is one of the most exciting fuzz and overdrive combinations that you are likely to experience. It combines a paracentric EQ, Mix knob (between fuzz and overdrive, expression control and dual channel foot-switchable operation. Its most unique feature is to mix the overdrive and the fuzz circuits in parallel such as 75% –… Read more »

€ 199€

Stone Deaf Warp Drive


The Warp drive is a high gain paracentric distortion filter. When we say high gain we mean really high gain. Ultra saturated cascading gain stage circuit. Going from Sabbath era hard rock metal, Pantera early 1990’s metal, to more modern metal like Mastadon, Bullet for My Valentine and Trivium. The in built noise gate allows for very tight rhythm… Read more »

€ 209€

Stone Deaf Tremotron Digitally Controlled Analoge Tremolo


Tremotron is a tremendous pedal, with a fully analogue signal path, true bypass relay switching, quality burr brown Op amps and with midi control that far and expands its functionality. You can store and recall 4 user pre-sets with multiple banks available via midi input to expand it to many many more presets available. You… Read more »

€ 329€

Stone Deaf Syncopy Digitally Controlled Analog Delay


The Syncopy is an analogue delay with 500mS of delay. What it lacks in delay length it more than makes up for in playability, versatility and high audio quality and this is because we use high quality analogue chips and very clever filtering to give you nice lush, crystal clear delay tones. We use true bypass relay switching to… Read more »

€ 349€

Stone Deaf Fig Fumb


The Fig Fumb is based on a classic Big Muff circuit but with super amount of stability due to the fact it has an inbuilt foot-switchable noise gate and with the added value of an expression input you can get fuzz wah, fuzz phaser, and tone control with your foot. It also contains a fully… Read more »

€ 209.-

Stone Deaf Trashy Blonde


The Trashy Blonde is the quintessential classic rock in a box guitar pedal. Based on that Marshal® tone of the JTM45 all the way through to the JCM800 it is extremely versatile. Manufactured in the United Kingdom using the best components, the design itself allows you to mix clean and distorted signal for a more vintage… Read more »

€ 199.-

Stone Deaf Expression EP-1


  Product Description The EP-1 expression pedal is like a chameleon with an ability to take a standard Stone Deaf parametric or paracentric pedal and turn it into a Manual Phaser, Wah Wah or Foot Controlled Tone control. The EP-1 expression pedal is unlike any other expression pedal on the market… Read more »

€ 129.-