Stone Deaf Kliptonie Dual OD/FUZZ Filter

The Kliptonite is one of the most exciting fuzz and overdrive combinations that you are likely to experience. It combines a paracentric EQ, Mix knob (between fuzz and overdrive, expression control and dual channel foot-switchable operation. Its most unique feature is to mix the overdrive and the fuzz circuits in parallel such as 75% – 25% in eithers favour and switch using the footswitch in a flip flop fashion between the two. So for example you can have 75% overdrive and 25% fuzz, push the foot-switch and flip the signal to the other channel and have 75% fuzz 25% overdrive. The fuzz on this pedal is a velcro type fuzz that is not a sustaining fuzz so notes do not sustain like say a Muff type or fuzz around and above the 12th fret.

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Paracentric EQ with adjustable fuzz and overdrive gain (Players can dial in full tonal spectrum of their amplifier tone.)

Frequency response from 35Hz-6kHz (Players can dial in full tonal spectrum of their amplifier tone.)

Dual Channel (Fuzz and Overdrive channels)

Frequency sweep control via expression pedal (Can dial in your tone on the fly with your foot using the Expression pedal EP-1)

Mirror Mix for mixing fuzzy and overdriven tones on both channels and in expression mode.

Wah Wah function via expression pedal (Wah Wah tones via expression pedal (Overdriven or Fuzzy or both)

Phaser Function via expression pedal (Phaser tones via expression pedal (Overdriven or Fuzzy or both)

9v Power supply centre negative 2.1mm Boss Style

Footswitchable Dual Channel, Fuzz and Overdriven paracentric EQ (Foot switchable Fuzzy Channel or Distorted Channel)

Expression input (Please note that the Kliptonite will only work with the Stone Deaf EP-1 expression pedal because it uses the same custom components to achieve the effect.)

Light weight aluminium enclosure

Easy Access Battery Compartment

Hand Built in Manchester, United Kingdom

€ 199€