Stone Deaf Tremotron Digitally Controlled Analoge Tremolo

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Tremotron is a tremendous pedal, with a fully analogue signal path, true bypass relay switching, quality burr brown Op amps and with midi control that far and expands its functionality. You can store and recall 4 user pre-sets with multiple banks available via midi input to expand it to many many more presets available.

You can assign the expression input to Rate, Depth and Shape controls, you can tap the tempo in you desire using the tap tempo and choose your tap divisions. As well as shape the tone and match the volume so it fits sonically with the rest of your pedal board.

Why not pick your own wave shapes such as sine, square, ramp, reverse or maybe make your own as we have included that ability too. Layer it up with some modulation so things get a bit tasty simply by pressing a control knob down and then moving the control you will see a different colour on the LED’s to indicate your now adding or reducing your modulation.

Compared to our competitors you have a fully analog tremolo, in a small footprint with digital controlled recallable banks of saved analog tremolo signals as well as user defined wave shapes for endless combinations of rhythms.

  • Expression Input assignable to Rate, Depth and Shape controls using a standard expression pedal (Can create and save all manner of analogue tremolo tones customised by the user)

  • 4 on pedal user pre-sets with expandability to multiple banks via midi input (midi allows for even more presets to be saved and recalled using standard midi controllers)

  • Tap Tempo (accurately sets speed of tremolo with tap divisions available)

  • Analogue Controls for Tone and Level allowing fine tuning to fit sonically with the rest of your board. ( Intuitive tone and level controls to match your overall sound)

  • Variable Wave-shapes Sine, Square, Ramp, Reverse Ramp and more. including making your own. (allows you to make your own wave shapes and combine them together as a layer of sound over and above a standard tremolo)

  • Modulation – By Pressing each of the rotary encoders, you can add another ‘layer’ of volume modulation into the signal.
    For example your Slow Sine Swell could have a fast Square modulation added to it for a sharper, more prominent tone. (
    The combinations of wave-shapes using this feature are practically endless and allow you to produce truly unique rhythms.)

  • Tap Tempo for accurately tapping in your rhythm perfectly in time with your drummer)

  • Tap Divisions set to syncopate rhythm patterns over your playing and tempo)

  • 9v DC Supply dtandard power supply friendly voltages of 200mA)

  • Ultra Bright LEDS for indication of preset banks and control. (Easy to see controls and intuitive design to sculpt your tone)
    Standard midi control, allowing manipulation of:

  • Pre-sets

  • Tempo

  • All continuous controls such as Rate, Shape, Depth

  • Tap Divisions

€ 329€