Stone Deaf Warp Drive

The Warp drive is a high gain paracentric distortion filter. When we say high gain we mean really high gain. Ultra saturated cascading gain stage circuit. Going from Sabbath era hard rock metal, Pantera early 1990’s metal, to more modern metal like Mastadon, Bullet for My Valentine and Trivium. The in built noise gate allows for very tight rhythm playing and holds extremely well if you want to gain stack even further into the pedal. Expression control as well for high gain wah wah and phaser tones as well as the ability to control your tone on the fly with your foot. Its not all about gain though, without the control you will have just a mush of distortion that can be hard to tame. Like no other pedal before it with the inbuilt paracentric EQ you can refine your tone to cut through the mix or do novel layering techniques when recording different frequencies from the pedal allowing you that huge sounding guitar sound so prominent in metal and hard rock music.

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The Current Draw of the Warp Drive is about 35mA. It works off a 2.1mm centre negative (Boss Style) adaptor. If using battery we recommend using a lithium 9v battery as Alkaline are unstable.

The following power supplies are recommended:


Voodoo Labs

Power supplies should be fully Isolated.

  • Paracentric EQ with adjustable high gain distortion (Players can dial in full tonal spectrum of their amplifier tone.)

  • Frequency response from 35Hz-6kHz (Players can dial in full tonal spectrum of their amplifier tone.)

  • Low noise floor when noise gate is engaged.

  • Frequency sweep control via expression pedal (Can dial in your tone on the fly with  your foot using the Expression pedal EP-1)

  • Wah Wah function via expression pedal (Wah Wah tones via expression pedal)

  • Phaser Function via expression pedal (Phaser tones via expression pedal)

  • 9v Power supply centre negative 2.1mm Boss Style

  • Foot-switchable Noise Gate, enabling you to dial in the threshold of the gate using the gate knob.

  • Expression input (Please note that the Warp Drive will only work with the Stone Deaf EP-1 expression pedal because it uses the same custom components to achieve the effect.)

  • Light weight aluminium enclosure

  • Easy Access Battery Compartment

  • Hand Built in Manchester, United Kingdom

€ 209€