Tombstone Cabs Recycle Your cabinet.

Tombstone is a  brand of our own. We take old cabs. and customize  them. As much as you want it.

In this case, we take 2 old cabs we´ve found on ebay, and did new buffle boards, new grills  and filled them with 2 x15″ JBL K130 and 4×12″ greenbacks G12H30 as you can see. Both on 16 ohm. We recomend playing them with 2 Heads.

Everything is possible, we go as far as you want to go.

New tolex, new grill ne whandles. new speaker.

Rverything you hate on your old cab we can change.

insted of buying the next crap you do not like. change the style and look of your cab.


€ ask