Roland RD 700 SX incl. X-Stand and Bench


Equipped with the most authentic and expressive multi-sampled grands to ever adorn a stage piano, the RD-700SX represents the pinnacle of digital stage-piano design and performance. Driven by Roland’s most powerful sound engine, the RD-700SX enables the ultimate in sound and performance with two world-class grand piano waveforms at its core, and featuring 128-voice polyphonic performance, a Progressive Hammer-Action keyboard, and an expanded soundset (which includes brilliant electric pianos, authentic virtual tonewheel organs, and more). The RD-700SX is an unrivaled new breed of stage piano.

– Two great new grand piano sample-sets, each with 88-key multisamples
– Roland’s most expressive Progressive Hammer-Action Keyboard
– 128-voice polyphony
– 3-band parametric EQ with graphical user interface and COSM effects for easy tone shaping
– Realistic tonewheel organ sounds with graphic drawbar editing
– XLR Outputs for professional use
– Master Keyboard functions with two individual MIDI out for controlling external MIDI modules
– Built-in SMF player with USB connection for PC/Mac
– 2 SRX Expansion slots for adding great new sounds
– Complete GM2-compatible sound engine onboard
– Micro Tune Edit function allows micro-tuning of each individual key