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  • Fender Bassman 215

    Fender Bassman 215

    The Soul of Bass Amplification!! Classic Fender Bass Cabinet, very Hard to find in this combination. our Fender Bassman 100 Fitts Perfect to this cab.

  • Ampeg SVT 810 PRO

    same as the SVT 810e but with 1500watt. Sounds a bid more clear and less compressed or shut i say more Modern?  then the Standart one.  

  • Ampeg SVT 15e

    Ampeg SVT 15e

    When only the fat, warm sound of a 15” speaker will get the job done, we highly recommend the SVT-15E. Armed with a massive five-pound magnet, the SVT-15E’s custom-designed 15” speaker generates chest-thumping low end like nobody’s business—all the way down to 33Hz. Team it up with the SVT-CL head and maybe an SVT-12HE, for…

  • Ampeg SVT 410

    Ampeg SVT 410

    Looking for a speaker cabinet to brighten up your bottom-heavy bass rig? Or, maybe you’ve recently downsized your transportation to save a few bucks on fuel, and no longer have room to haul your beloved SVT-810E to the gig. The SVT-410HE delivers superb full-range performance, all the way up to 18kHz—and it’ll fit in your…

  • Ampeg SVT 810AV

    Ampeg SVT 810AV

    Same spec. as The Ampeg SVT  810EOnly different front grill. check out our SVT AV HEAD!!!

  • Ampeg SVT 810e

    Ampeg SVT 810e

    The standard Bassrig together with the Ampeg SVT CL Head This is the speaker enclosure people mean when they say SVT speaker cabinet. It’s all about tone. Other than the color scheme, it is identical to the original SVT-810. Why eight 10” speakers? We learned early on that 10” speakers work much more efficiently than…

  • Ampeg 410 HLF

    Ampeg 410 HLF

        Perfect for small venues, even with 5 String basses. This is the speaker cabinet for the bass player who demands the ultimate in a single, compact cabinet setup. The SVT-410HLF delivers devastating low-end bass, all the way down to 28Hz, thanks to four 10” speakers working together to move a tremendous amount of…

  • Glockenklang Quadro 4×10

    Glockenklang Quadro 4×10

    single Quattro 4×10″ cab Accurate – Detailed – Powerfull The Quattro 4×10″ cab was developed of the Take Five cab. It has identical speakers, crossover and internal volume as the Take Five. Therefore it has the same outstanding sound and efficiency. The birch cabinet is finished with a durable epoxy coating, and studio-grade acoustic foam…